Adolescent, Adult and Family Collaborative Therapy

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  1. Skills Based Approach
    POH believes it is imperative that clients and families work together outside of the counseling sessions; therefore working in a cognitive/dialectical behavioral approach will often require clients to "practice" skills and complete "homework" assignments between sessions. Clients will benefit from DBT and CBT clinical skills.
  2. Collaborative Approach
    POH will work with families, social services, employers, schools, the justice system, and other agencies to provide a collaborative support system for every client in need of these services.
  3. Person-Centered Approach
    POH strives to provide the best care for clients and their family. POH will treat each client as a unique individual and will collaborate services with schools, work places, and/or social service agencies.
Mission of POH:
To provide mental health care to every person in need,
utilizing  a collaborative care approach that emphasizes
skill building and personal reflection.


Andrea Thomas, MS, LPCC, NCC
Owner/Clinical Counselor
GCU Doctoral Candidate*

     POH began from the idea that mental health care should be personal and provide interactive care with all entities involved in a client's care. Andrea has collaborated with a number of local and state agencies that have worked alongside clients in areas such as: truancy, schools for IEP's, county social services (CPC mtg, child protection, behavioral health), employers,  unemployment, clergy, and others. POH feels that the best mental health care is a collaborative effort, especially with family and social services (when involved).

     POH offers faith-based counseling for individuals wanting to grow spiritually alongside receiving mental health counseling/therapy. Andrea's faith experience has impacted her mental health journey in so many amazing ways. Andrea offers to share her Christian faith in  therapy sessions with clients who want to explore healing through spritual growth alongside mental health tools and techniques.

*Andrea is currently attending Grand Canyon University in pursuit of a Doctorate of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership in Behavioral Health. www.gcu.edu 

MS - Masters of Science
LPCC - License Professional Clinical Counselor
​NCC - National Certified Counselor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take health insurance payments?
Yes, most health plans are covered.
Please call 507-884-6164 to verify coverage.
(Blue Cross, Medica, MMSI Tier 2, Ucare, Medicaid, ...)
You do not need to utilize your health plan if you choose to pay cash.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, you may make an appointment for a 30 min free consultation before
commiting to services.

Does POH complete a diagnostic assessment?
Yes, POH will utilize current assessment tools and the diagnostic interview in order to complete a thorough diagnostic assessment.

Can POH work with my child's school?

Absolutely, POH will work with collaborating services in order to provide the client with continuity of care when possible. 

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