Adolescent, Adult, and Family Collaborative Therapy

Clinical Services

  1. Cognitive Behavioral/Dialectical Behavioral Approach
    POH believes it is imperative that clients and families work together outside of the counseling sessions; therefore working in a cognitive behavioral approach will often require clients to "practice" skills and complete "homework" assignments between sessions. Clients will benefit from DBT and CBT clinical skills.
  2. Faith-Based Approach
    POH provides faith-based therapy when clients are open to growing spiritually as well. POH feels there is a strong connection between spirituality and mental health recovery when practiced together. POH will approach this form of therapy only when clients are open to growing in their faith journey.
  3. Person-Centered Approach
    POH strives to provide the best care for clients and their family. POH will treat each client as a unique individual and will collaborate services with schools, work places, and/or social service agencies.
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